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Some of the worst pain ever...

aside from, maybe, childbirth...watching your baby get shots! Oh yes! Conner had to get two shots yesterday. Poor little man... he hasn't been eating very well all week and then on Wed. he got a high fever and the same on thurs. so in to the Dr. we went! He has strep AND tonsillitis!!! His Dr. said his tonsils were HUGE and she drew us a picture of how huge they are. Poor man... Anyway, we got home and he was in so much pain he just screamed and cried and straightened out his little legs 'cause they hurt! One of those shots seemed large enough for a horse. Who could blame him! I just cried too. I felt so bad for him and there is not much I could do besides hold him (trying not to touch the injection sites!) Oh goodness, it was a mess...but he is much better now and has some meds to take. She gave us all scripts in case we get it too.

On a happier note! My good friend Mary from back in my Texas days called and told me she is preggers! It's been a long bumpy road for her and …

A new 'do

Well, I got a new haircut today and I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's a bit shorter than I wanted and not really what I asked for. I like my hair kinda funkified and I think my hairdresser is just a little too conservative.
I think once I wash it myself and use all my own styling gunk I'll be happy with it. I finished the tote for Kati's friend last night and took it to her house today. She loved it and was thinking of keeping it for herself. She thinks her freind will like it, too so I'm happy.

The Bird's

I love birds! And now we have a little bird family beginning in front of our house! I've been noticing these birds flying into a spider plant I have hanging right in front of our livingroom window. At first I thought they were just getting stuff for there nest and flying off. Well, the other day I took my plant down (out of curiosity) and, sure enough, they are building their nest right inside my plant! My mom has had this happen a few times but we never have so I'm mighty excited about it! I can't wait till they start laying eggs so we can watch for the babies to hatch. I'm not sure what type of birds these are. The male has a pretty red head and the female is brown and really stripy so I am thinking a type of finch. Purple finch maybe? I dunno but it is cool all the same. Here they are looking at their nest. I try to get pictures of them through the window but every time they see the slightest movement they hurry off. Hopefully they will get used to me looking at the…

The End

Well, not of me but, the gift shop that I used to work for is quitting business. They wanted me to work all this week (and then some) but I just couldn't do that. I did work yesterday for the first day of there sale. It was so busy but nice to get out of the house for the day. It was also really sad. They are all good friends and I will miss coming in at Christmas time to do up their window displays (which I have done for the past few years even after I had to leave to work for the hubby). There were all the ladies outside banging on the door to get in and the owners wanted to say a prayer before we opened. We were all crying and I had mascara tears dripping down my face seconds before they opened the doors. Of course I was wearing a white top and had to walk around all day with little grayish teardrops on my shirt. Greeaaaat! I tried the shout wipes to get it out (which usually works on everything) and it only made it worse. Oh well! The downtown area is kind of dying (like most …