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Broken bones and training bras

Ok. Well, we've had an interesting coupla weeks around here. Well not that interesting but I thought that sounded like a good opener. First off two Saturdays ago my dear husband broke his foot. So, we spent nearly the whole afternoon in the waiting room of the emergency room. Okay, okay, it was only like 2-3 hours but it sure felt like all day. Come to find out he has what they call a Dancer's Fracture because it is very common amongst dancers and athletes. Apparently, his wasn't too bad so they stuck this ugly little bootie thing on his foot and sent him along his way with instructions to see a Orthopedic surgeon on Monday. Yeah. No temporary cast, no wrapping of an Ace bandage, nothin', nada. And then we find out our crappy insurance won't pay for any of this so we'll have an inflated hospital bill of probably $1200-$1500 with only an ugly little bootie thing to show for it. After a lot of internet research about his foot, Gene pretty much said "F@%k goi…