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Almost forgot

OMG! I can't believe I forgot to add this yesterday....Anyway, when I was at Needle Nook this last weekend Deb told me about a new bra pattern they have coming out soon. She really liked my bra and stitchy abilities so she asked if I'd like to be one of the testers! How cool is that?! I was extremely flattered and can't wait to see the new design. It is supposed to be a 3-seam cup. Most of the bras for larger busts from European companies seem to be this way. I just wanted to add that little "Yay me!"

I'll leave you with a super cute pic of my two babies. Both sacked out on the floor. Penelope had her head right up against Conner's but of course she had to move before I could get the camera going. Please disregard my UGLY carpet! LOL!