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Just a quickie note to let everyone know we are still alive. I have been sewing. Quite a bit actually! I've made Conner about 4 pairs of pants from the 1/2009 Ottobre issue. They turned out so well and fit perfectly.

I've also been working on a bra for me that actually fits. I made up a Sewy Rebecca and L.O.V.E. it. I just need to make some adjustments to the apex. It has a little East/West action going on since I have to use a pattern that is intended for a woman with a larger ribcage. I discovered that I have a "narrow" ribcage, btw. At least part of me is narrow! LOL!! I tried the Queen Elite again and used the 46H and the cups fit pretty well. I had to take out about 2" from the back band pattern which is a total of 4". Whew! I wore it yesterday and was comfortable all day. I didn't have any wires for that size so it was just a soft cup. I really need wires for shape though. This was a sort of "muslin" though and I think I can cut into my b…