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Out of commision...?

Maybe? At least for a little while, anyway. I've got to get ready for our trip to Ohio and finish painting this darn house! I wanted to get it done before I leave but now I'm thinkin' if I can just get the front painted.... LOL! It's lookin' pretty good, btw. I probably won't be around a computer much while I'm there. Me + my mom + 5 kids= Mania! Just kidding..but I know we'll be busy. I'm so looking forward to the trip. I know it'll be long but I like traveling and seeing different parts of the country. I've driven to Michigan and flown to Florida but this is my first time going to Ohio. My sis lives close to Cleveland and Akron. I'm hoping to find some fabric stores. I guess I mentioned that before...oh well, I obsessed with fabric. teehee! I have gotten a little sewing done. My son desparately needs shorts so I used an Ottobre pattern and altered it to be a one pattern piece short with no side seams. Makes it a super fast sew. I hav…

Thank you!

I just want to say "Thank you!" to everyone for all the kind comments about the tutorial. I may have to do some more! LOL! If anyone has an idea for a tutorial leave it in the comments and I'll see what I can do! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend! I was outside the whole time. Painting. No sewing for me. Our house is coming along, though. It's going to look really nice when we get done! I can't wait.I'll be driving up to Ohio in two weeks. My sister and her family are moving to France in July and she's going over there to be with her hubby to house hunt. Me, my mom, and my kids are going up to Ohio to watch her kiddos. I've never been up there so it should be fun! Does anyone know of some good fabric shops around Medina, OH?;-D We've also got our plans down for our first family vacation, ever. Gene and I have been married for almost 15 years and we've never had a real vacation. Sad, I know! Anyhoo, we are going to Colorado! I seriousl…

Bra band tutorial!

Finally, huh?
This tutorial is how I make the lower bottom edge fit a bit better under the cups. It also gives the illusion of a partial band bra. Okay, I have a combination of large heavy breasts and a protruding belly. Nice. This can make wearing bras pretty uncomfortable when the band is too wide under the cups. The tummy pushes up against the breasts and underwires and it can rub somethin' awful. When the band is too wide it flips out or sometimes in and is often really painful, causing rashing and other yuckies. I have found using this method relieves a lot of it. There are also several women out there that like the look of a partial band bra but hate wearing wires and wires aren't necessary in a full band bra. I suggest using a really good channeling, though. The stuff I'm using for this bra is from Sew Sassy and it's friggin' awesome! It's the #922.

Okay, seriously, I'm not the greatest tutorial maker. I've only done one other. If you ever have any…


Well, I just got back from the eye doctor and had some good news to share. Last time, my eye pressures were up really high but when she checked them today they were normal! Whoo hoo!! I still have some nerve stuff going on that we have to keep a close eye on. It's basically the very beginning stages of Glaucoma. With me being an artist and fanatical sewist it really made me nervous and well, downright scared! I mean seiously, I just can't go blind. I feel relieved and all the more determined to eat well, exercise, and be healthy.

I want to wish all the fellow Mommas out there a belated Happy Mother's Day! I hop you all had a loverly day! I had a nice day of sleeping in, lounging around, and I even took a nap! Gene cleaned the kitchen for me, too! Now that's a major gift. For my present, I'm getting some Le Creuset cookware. YES! I fell in love with it when I was a bridal consultant some years ago and have been wanting some for, like, EVER!! If you can't tell, I&…

Whoo hoo

Yippee! I got my custom bra pattern from Danglez yesterday! I held up my original tracing to the new pattern and it is considerably smaller. In a good way I think. Dini was also very generous in that she included a patterns for a diagonal seam and vertical seam cup! Cool huh?

I am working on Butterick 5181 view B right now, though. I think I've got the bodice fitted. Well I tissue fitted it and today I want to get a muslin made up to make sure it fits in fabric! I had to do a 3" FBA so we'll see. It's a cute dress and as I've mentioned before I really like this maxi style so I hope it works on me. I'm thinking about wearing it with a little cardigan or something to cover my heavy upper arms. Of course when it's super hot this summer I'm not going to give a crap about my arms! But for now....

I'm totally exhausted this morning. Gene and I started up our swimming again after being off for 3 weeks. We were all sick with coughs and crap but all better no…

How to avoid Swine Flu

Don't do this:My sister e-mailed me this. It was a forward from somewhere so I don't know who's baby this is. Seriously, how cute is this?! And kinda gross....

Merckwaerdigh finished

I finished the Merckwaerdigh CUPL16 bra up yesterday. Here she is:
Here's the cool strap detail:

It threw me for a loop for a little bit. The English translation of the instructions were slightly vague on how to do the whole thing so I just storta went for it and I think I did it right! It looks like the I say screw it if I did it wrong 'cause this worked and that's what matters!

I do think the fabric is a bit too stretchy. A ridge formed over the seam allowances as seen here:It shows through clothing and my husband so lovingly pointed out that I look like I'm nippin' all time. Nice. Thanks honey, just want a girl wants. Anyhoo, I'll try it again in a slightly firmer fabric. Maybe 30-40% stretch (this has about 60%). Some other adjustments I'll need to make are:

1. Alter the top cup to bring the straps in by about an inch. As it is they are spaced too far apart so the straps slip off my shoulders occasionaly. Not as bad as my RTW bras but enough …