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Ugly skirt finished!

Whew! I got my entry posted right under the wire! Today's the last day to enter. I know I won't win since there are some really great entries so far and far better than mine. It was fun though and a great way to use up some fabric that's been sittin' around.
The colors are a bit more geared towards Fall but it's cute enought with sandals. I look forward to wearing it this Fall/Winter with tights and boots!

Ugly fabric...?

I've joined the Ugly Fabric Contest over at Pattern Review and here is my ugly fabric: It's dated 1971 and I purchased it from my local thrift store some time ago. I'm thinkin' like a year or so. As I mentioned over on PR, I always gravitate towards the funky fabrics. If it's wild and crazy it must be mine! This here has a light canvas-y feel and I think it will be perfect for an A-line skirt. The contest ends June 30th so I need to get busy. I can probably whip it up in a day so I should be okay. I have a TNT A-line skirt pattern already so I should be good to go. Tomorrow is our Goodbye/Happy Trip to France party for my sister and her family at my mom's. They won't be moving until August but this will be last time they come to Kansas for a long while. We'll throw a little Happy Father's Day love around too since tomorrow is Father's Day and all and there will be 3 or more daddy-os there. I hope all the Daddies out there have a wonderful day tom…

I'm Home!

And completely exhausted! The drive home seemed to take a lot longer and was much more tiring than the drive to Ohio. Isn't that always how it is though? We had a good time going to Akron Zoo and a really cool park in Medina. I got to go to JoAnn's one day while my mom stayed at home with the kids, bless her. The rest of the time was spent hangin' around the house. It got a little wild at times what with 5 kids under 12 and a very large puppy but that's okay.

My trip to JoAnn's proved fruitful. I purchased a few fabrics to make some summer dresses. I'd like to get them done before we leave for Colorado but I'm not sure if that's happenin'. They had a sale going on so that was good. I'll post some pictures later after I've more time to decompress.

I must say I'm glad to be home! ;-)

Off to Ohio!

Well, I'm off to Ohio with a pit stop in Pratt, KS to pick up my mom. I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll return alive if not insane. Wish me luck with my two wild and cranky kids in a truck for like 16 hours. At least we're stopping in Indiana for a night.

I'm planning on being a good girl with my eating and exercising. I've lost 8 lbs so far! ROCK ON!!! I'm finally starting to see results in how my clothes fit. That always seems to be the biggest boost for me. I'd like to continue swimming while I'm gone and I think my sister said they have a YMCA or something. If not, I want to at least go for walks. I reeeally want to stay away from fast food, too. I haven't eaten it in so long that I don't crave it anymore and the thought of it kinda turns my stomach. This is a good thing, though. I used to scarf McDonald's a lot. NOT a good thing!

I'm not planning on being a good girl when it comes to fabric buying though! teehee! I want…