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Thrown for a loop!

I have had so much crap happen in the past few weeks I can't even believe it! It really threw me for a loop and completely off track. I was doing so good with posting here. I have a recipe lined up for Thursday believe it or not. I really want to get back to that since I've missed the past two. This one will be another yummy bath and body recipe! Speaking of, has anyone tried any of the recipes I've posted? B&B or food? I'd love to hear your thoughts.Anyhoo, I have a custom panty order (3 pairs! YAY!) to get working on and a friend wants me to make her a lingerie set for Valentine's Day. That should be fun! Have you ever had a friend that you know is wearing the wrong bra size and you just want to shake her and say so? Yes, well, she's my friend like that so I'm kinda excited about getting her tricked out properly and telling her what her true bra size is. I know she's gonna freak 'cause I'm thinkin' her boobs are bigger than mine, which…

Back Online!

We finally got our new computer last night! I have felt so very out of touch this past week. It's our only source of information since we don't have cable or satellite TV. I just found about Haiti yesterday! To top it all off, my Mother-in-Law suddenly fell quite ill and we were rushing to Doctor and then hospital. All is well with her now, thank heavens! All I can say is, what else is next! I'm beginning to think this is all some sort of cosmic joke and I've just about had enough. Hopefully, I can get caught up on housework in the next few days and get back to sewing! I've missed being near my sewing machine something terrible. The new semester for my aqua aerobics class started Monday and I haven't even been once so I'm feeling kinda bad about that too. I need to get my booty shakin' and get some work done.

I hope you all are doing much better than me!
Take it easy!


My computer at home crashed so I'm on my husband's 'puter at his office. Won't get a recipe up today. Sorry! Hopefully, we can find a new computer tomorrow. I'm already jonesing! How does one become so addicted to a stupid computer?! Anyhoo, I'll catch you all on the flip-side!


Crafting Cleanse

I have to sell some stuff. That seems like it might suck but it's really not so bad. Taxes this year are going to eat our lunch so the hubster and I are putting a bunch of our goods up for sale. It kinda sucks. Then again, it's cleansing. I have a pottery wheel and kiln that haven't been touched in FOREVER! I still love to make pottery, don't get me wrong, but whenever I go out into the garage and see that stuff setting there I feel guilty for not loving it properly (for example, USING IT!!!). So out it goes to a new home where it will be loved properly. I have lots of books I'll never use and yarn I'll never knit up, etc. It will feel good to purge all the clutter and make more room for my sewing. It's what I'm most obsessed with and always have been since I was a kid. Hopefully, it will clear a lot of the clutter in my brain as well. I want to do so many things but don't have the time, so I get all overwhelmed and don't do any of it!

I'm al…