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A Call to My Sewing Sisters and Brothers!

Okay, I know a lot of you out there are vintage freaks just like me! I acquired this pattern awhile back off Ebay but I haven't been able to find out ANYTHING about Blue-and-White patterns!
As you can see, they are quite literally blue and white:

From the pattern cover I see that it comes from the Woman's Home Companion Magazine that was in production from 1873 to 1957. I was just wanting to maybe date the pattern and see if anyone else knows anything about Blue-and-White patterns. I haven't seen any others before or since.

Up next on the cutting board, so to speak, is an outfit for my friends' daughter. The pants are Ottobre 1/2009 #16 or the "Saimi" sweatpants. The pattern is super easy and I love one piece pants for kids. They fit her really well and she was so excited about them! I feel a stack-and-whack comin' on. For all my fellow Chez Ami fabric lovers out there, I used their black and white stripe jersey and red rib knit! Is their fabric not the best…

First Ever GIVEAWAY!

Okay, y'all! As promised I'm going to have a giveaway to commemorate my 5th Blogiversary and my birthday. The Blogiversary is on Feb 26th and my B-Day is Mar 1st!

What are ye gonna get? Well, everything in the above picture! You know my love of underpinnings by now so of course it has to be lingerie themed. It includes a simple muti-sized pattern for a slip, suitable for a beginner. It's a vintage Sew Lovely and has never even been opened. Cool! I also think that you can size it up easily if you need to. Also, enough peach nylon tricot to make the largest size (There is probably enough that you could even make a matching pair of panties! This stuff is like 100"+ wide!) and a selection of stretch lace to adorn your lovely new garment with. I might even throw something a little extra in there. I love surprises, don't you!

Okie dokie, the details are:

1. You must leave a comment here on the blog or email me privately between now and March 1st, 2010. lil-miss-muffett@sbc…

Stay Tuned....

I've been thinking about doing a giveaway! Yes, a GIVEAWAY! I love it when people do that. I just got a pattern from Pattern Junkie and that was pretty cool. I'm coming up on my, believe it or not, 5th Blogiversary *!* and it's also my birthday next week! I really can't believe I've been blogging, on and off, for FIVE freakin' years! So, to commemorate this outstanding achievement of mine I want to give some crap away! Well, it's not crap... I'm thinking something along the lines of a vintage pattern or two. Maybe something else thrown in there? I dunno yet. Details to follow shortly!!!

I am going to start listing some patterns on Etsy soon like I mentioned in my last post. I'll probably try to do a few at a time. Start savin' yer money now girls and boys...

Bustin' Some Stash!

I just read about Zoe's stash busting over at the Colette Patterns Blog and thought it sounded like a grand idea! I have absolutely NO extra cash for buying new fabrics and certainly not any extra space so I think I'm going to join along with my other sewing sisters who are also diving in! I have so much fabric it shouldn't be a problem! I've posted the little graphic in my side bar over there. I'm also thinking about going through my pattern stash and selling some of them off. I have quite a few vintage patterns that I will never use and it would be nice for them to have a new home where they can see the light of day. Keep your eyes peeled for that. I'll be listing them on my etsy shop!
In sewing news, I did NOT finish my bra and panty set for the Lingerie Contest at Pattern Review. I've just had too much going on. They are both cut out and hopefully I can get it finished this week! I'm babysitting again so I probably won't get anything done today. …

Recipe to come later

Well, if you're at all interested in the recipes I've been posting it'll be just a bit before I can get another posted. I spent the majority of yesterday with my elderly Mother-in-Law and today I'm babysitting for some friends. I hear the kids (aged 5 and 2 1/2) talking about jumping on beds so I better go investigate!

Bra sewing again!

I've finally carved out a little time to make myself some new bras! All of mine are getting worn out and after having several conversations about bra making with Kristin, my juices got flowing to make some. Also, Pattern Review is holding a Lingerie Contest. It ends Feb. 14th and I thought I should get busy! LOL! The bra above is a mock up of one of my custom drafted Danglez patterns. If you look closely you can get a glimpse of the fabric I'm using for the contest piece. It's a really fun animal print with swirls and little silver paillette thingies. This bra has a diagonal seam cup and I just love how it fits! The details are more visible here on my dress form:
I wore it all day yesterday and didn't have to tug or adjust and I just love that! The contest bra is proving to be a little bit more difficult than the trial bra. It just sort of sewed itself. The print fabric is really stretchy and lightweight, almost to the point of being a mesh. Needless to say, it has to b…

Some sewing, believe it or not!

Yes, I do sew! Imagine that!

Here are some before and after photos of Ottobre 5/2007 Design #12A. The fabric I used was some Bamboo/Cotton/Lycra and it is extremely soft and has a lot of drape. Unfortunately, it shows every bump that lies underneath it. Not so good when you're a big girl. Anyhoo, I think that with the fabric containing Lycra and being so drapey it really stretches when wearing. The top came out much longer than I had intended and it just looked plain sloppy!
I trimmed it up quite a bit so it rested about mid hip and then added the ruching as described in the instructions for this pattern.
It's a little more flattering now and in the last photo you can see the ruching. I think that helps add a little shaping to the sides.On a most exciting note: I fixed my serger! All. by. myself. Well, I had an assistant who ran and got me screwdrivers and compressed air and got in my way a bit (I'm not, ahem, talking about kids here either....) but for the most part I did it…

Recipe Thursday: Face and Body Sugar Scrub

Er...I guess I should say Recipe Friday. Oh well, better late than never! Although, I believe this is about 3 WEEKS late!! Maybe more, I quit counting.Anyhoo, this is a wonderful scrub that you can even use on your face! It's really simple to make and leave the skin silky soft. You can make this using organic or regular sugar, whatever you have on hand. I'm using regular for this batch since I just didn't have the cash for the "good" stuff! :-D Face and Body Sugar Scrub 1 Cup Brown Sugar 1 Cup White Sugar Sweet Almond Oil (or any other light vegetable oil. Olive oil is particularly wonderful for moisturizing the skin and grapeseed is excellent.) Essential Oil of your choice (I'm using orange and vanilla essential oils this time. Other good choices are lavender, lemon, lemongrass, ginger, rosemary, geranium, jasmine, rose, etc. Pretty much whatever you like and can use.) Gather your ingredients.
Mix up the sugars in a large bowl and start adding the oil slowly, stirr…