Some sewing, believe it or not!

Yes, I do sew! Imagine that!

Here are some before and after photos of Ottobre 5/2007 Design #12A. The fabric I used was some Bamboo/Cotton/Lycra and it is extremely soft and has a lot of drape. Unfortunately, it shows every bump that lies underneath it. Not so good when you're a big girl. Anyhoo, I think that with the fabric containing Lycra and being so drapey it really stretches when wearing. The top came out much longer than I had intended and it just looked plain sloppy!

I trimmed it up quite a bit so it rested about mid hip and then added the ruching as described in the instructions for this pattern.

It's a little more flattering now and in the last photo you can see the ruching. I think that helps add a little shaping to the sides.

On a most exciting note: I fixed my serger! All. by. myself. Well, I had an assistant who ran and got me screwdrivers and compressed air and got in my way a bit (I'm not, ahem, talking about kids here either....) but for the most part I did it myself! I was having a problem with the fabric not feeding through and could feel/see that the back feed dogs were really loose. It was just a matter of tightening two little screws but the getting to those screws proved rather difficult. It only took about 30 minutes and now I'm back in business. Plus, it saved me quite a bit of money. Yay!

Have a lovely week!


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