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A New Weakness

Have you seen this? Y'all know my love of lingerie and I'm so weak right now! I can't buy it 'cause I don't have any money anyway...I'm adding this to my wish list though! I just came across this the other day when Mikhaela talked about the lady behind the patterns. She's an illustrator so that bumps her up in my book by about a billion notches. If you're plus sized and love vintage definitely check out her vintage repro pattern line. So cool!

More Test Sewing and Mabe Some Jeans?

As I mentioned before I'm testing one of the two new Colette patterns coming out soon! My results are due today so i need to get crackin'! Don't worry, I'm really almost done! I also read that Pattern Review is having another Jeans Sew-Along. I'm thinking of joining or at least following along. Believe it or not, I've never made myself a real pair of jeans! I've made capris with a fly opening and made my DD some shorts that have jeans stylings but I've never made myself a pair of jeans! I have plenty of denim so that's not an issue. I have lots of jeans zippers from the thrift store too. I think I have everything I need now I just need to find the guts to do it! LOL!

On a side note: My friend who lost his job found full time work! YAY! So now I'm watching their girl full time on through the summer till I start school. I'll probably be sewing for her a bit more. It is oh-so-much fun making little things!

Recipe Thursday: Spring Fling Cake!

This is the best cake. Ever. Seriously. It's light, moist, easy, and oh-so-delish. I just made this for Easter Dinner but made another for dinner tonight since my husband's aunt is going to be in town. When I realized it was Thursday I thought I would post it for my most neglected Recipe Thursday. Sorry about that y'all!

Spring Fling Cake
Cake 1 Box Yellow Cake Mix 4 Eggs 1 11oz. can Mandarin Oranges (don't drain) 1/2 Cup Oil
Preheat oven to 350 degrees Prepare 3 round cake pans by greasing well. Beat all ingredients on Medium-High for 2 minutes. It's kinda cool because the oranges get beat to hell and you hardly even know they are in there after it's baked! Pour batter into pans and bake for 15-20 minutes. Check to make sure they are done with a toothoick. Transfer cakes to a coolong rack and cool completely.
Icing 3oz. Package Vanilla Instant Pudding 20oz. Can Crushed Pinapple (do not drain) 9oz. Container Cool Whip
Mix the Pudding and Pineapple well and then fold in C…

Happy Easter!

Here comes the Easter Bunny!
For those of you who don't celebrate Easter I wish you a very Happy Spring!!