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Weekend Sewing!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all the mommies out there. I actually got to sew this weekend! I finished this McCall's 5640 this morning and I'm wearing it today. It is quite comfortable if not a little Muu-muu-esque. Seriously, the ease in this puppy is redonkulous. According to my full bust measurement I should have made a 26 but it has, get this, 19" of ease. 19"!! I opted to go the route of using my upper bust measurement and the finished garment measurements to choose my size and with that I made the 18. It fits pretty good but the neckline is still a bit wide. Can you imagine if I had made the 26?! It would have been falling off my shoulders!! Good grief! There is one problem that my 5 year old son so lovingly pointed out while I was bent over in front of him, helping him into his shoes. He said, "Mom, I can see your bra...". Thanks, babe. So, it does gap open when I'm bending over. I may need to think about wearing a cami underneath.

Custom Nightie

I finished up my last custom order today! Yipee! LOL! This was a recreation of a gown that my friend's mom loved but couldn't find a replacement. Her gown is 14 years old and very loved (aka worn out!). Anyhoo, she brought me the gown after much hulabaloo (it was meant to be a surprise but it didn't happen that way, darnnit) and I made a pattern from it. I think, all in all, it turned out pretty well. I hope her mom loves it and wears it for 14 years!