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Got these in the mail yesterday! One of the perks of test sewing for PB Figgy's is all of us testers got copies of the final patterns we tested! Isn't that sweet?! Way more than I was expecting. I'd say this is a pretty good gig! :-) Kelly's kids are featured on the front covers and I though that was pretty darn cool! On Patty Young's blog she has a little excerpt from the 2010 Bernina University Fashion Show and it features the Beach Bum Hoodie and Board Shorts!
The kids are spending the week at my parents so I'm getting ready for a garage sale this weekend. Not exactly what I enjoy doing but it's so much easier when they're not around and sifting through everything. Usually there are whines of, "you caaaan't sell thaaaat!!" So, it's best to do this sans kiddos. Then I'll be gearing up to sew some back-to-school clothes. I did get the Riff t-shirt from Ottobre 3/2010 made Sunday night but Conner wore it to Grandma's and…

Some Bra Sewing At Last!

Surely you all must be amazed! It has been entirely too long since I've SEWN a bra, let alone posted about sewing them. So, what the heck happened?! Well, I got kinda burnt out and also miffed at the above bra. Um, remember this bra that I was making for a Pattern Review contest? Yeah, that was back in freakin' February! I just finished***read: slapped together*** it yesterday and when I put the damn thing on it was too BIG!!! Damn! Well, no worries. It has been stripped of every part that I was able salvage. The outer fabric (the sparkly stuff) is soooo stretchy that it just looked like crap anyway and that's what got me pissed in the first place. There were poofy bits every where and wrinkles. Oh, and it gave me NO support so "OFF WITH HER HEAD!!" or in this case straps, elastic and hooks and eyes.... This little cutie is a bra I started for my daughter several days ago. I finished it up yesterday, too. Miz M has been asking for a nude bra to wear under a white …

Flyin' by...

to say "Hi"! I have a bra post in the works (*GASP*) I know it's shocking, isn't it?

Also, just got notification that Patterns by Figgy's is releasing a limited number of their new Fall patterns for purchase! Sweeeeet! Hurry to snap 'em up! They are AH-dorable!

Be back soon with that bra post!!!


Happy 4th To My Fellow Americans!

To celebrate our great nation there must be food! It's gotta be good and there's gotta be lots of it! We're having our annual Independence soiree this evening with all the requirements: good food, good friends, lots of illegal fireworks! (It's illegal to shoot fireworks in our county but we do it anyway. I say screw you, Man! Don't tell 'cause our next door neighbor is a fireman. Thank goodness he leaves every year! LOL!)
Anyhoo, I want to share a yummy, easy dessert. I know it's not Thursday but, heck, who remembers the last time I did a Recipe Thursday post for Heaven's sake?! If you love Cherry Cheesecake but hate the whole bake-it-with-a-water-bath-blah-blah-blah yer gonna love this! I had some fresh blueberries in the fridge so I thought I'd add them for fun! It's not exactly fantastical looking but it tastes damn good!

Easy Peasy Cherry Cheesy Dessert
2- 8oz. Packages Cream Cheese 2- 8oz. Containers Cool Whip 2 Cups Powdered Sugar 2 Cups Graham …