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School's in Session!

I had my first day of school today! Well, just one class actually, Psychology. I was so nervous walking in there! My heart was pounding and I got the dreaded sweaty upper lip. LOL! My teacher seems really nice. She's upbeat and I think she'll be great. My husband had a Psych. teacher that had this low, monotone voice that was the worst! I'm so glad that's not the case with me. Let's hope my English teacher tomorrow is great too.

I've been sewing a little. I'd like to try and get a few things made for myself. I need to figure out some sort of schedule so I can fit sewing in with my classwork and Mommy duties. If anyone has any hints let me know! In school as a kid, I was the one who always got in trouble for "not using time wisely"! Unfortunately, I'm still that way. Ha!

My camera is busted so I have no pictures to share. I'm searching for my daughter's but have had no luck!

Well, I'm off to read the handouts I got this morning!