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Sewing for the Boy!

Well, I've been sick for going on 3 weeks now. It's my danged sinuses, and I'm too cheap to go to the doctor for meds. But, I tell ya, it hasn't slowed me down in the sewing room! Besides my test sewing for the book, I've really been on a kick of sewing for Conner lately. He's been going through this stage where he doesn't like his jeans with snaps. His little fingers aren't quite strong enough to snap those buggers. I think most of this stems from bathroom breaks at school and having to schlep back down the hall, pants undone, for his teacher to help him with them. I certainly can't blame him! That sucks. So anyhoo, I had made him up the Dapper Dillingers awhile ago in a twill and he has really been wearing those out. I love the styling with the flat front and all. I think they look more 'grown up' than an all-elastic waistband, too. Here they are: I decided to make him a pair in denim since it's getting cold here in Kansas. I have some …