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Sewing for Boys!

I'm so thrilled to finally announce what Shelly and Karen from Patterns by Figgy's have been up to. As you probably know, I've been a pattern tester for PBF for the past several months (almost a year, I think). Recently, I was able to let it slip that these lovely ladies were writing a book....but a book on what?! Well finally we can let the cat out of the bag!
It's a book all about sewing...FOR BOYS!!! Something that I think a lot of people have been pining for. I tested just about every pattern in the book and they are all great! I even got to make a garment for the photo shoot, which was pretty exciting for me. This is the garment I made: Photo courtesy of PBF
Too bad I can't be credited with making the little guy too 'cause he's darn cute! Please check out their blog for more sneaky peaks and more info!

Getting Clean ...and a Recipe!

A few weeks ago I came across the One Green Generation blog while they were going through a detox cleanse. I followed along until they finished and it seemed like such a great experience for them! I bought the book and have been working my way through it. It sounds like a cool deal to me so I told hubster about it and it's a go with him too. I want to finish the book and then we'll get started. The total cleanse is for 21 days + a week long elimination process that is done before the cleanse is actually started. I think I'll do the whole thing, but I told my husband he can at least try for the 7 day cleanse and if he feels up to it he can continue with me. I'm pretty excited about it and if anyone is interested I can do daily posts like they did on OGG. The book says keeping a journal is a good idea anyway.

Anyhoo, on to the recipe! This is another "bath and body" recipe in my quest to make myself and my environment cleaner and greener! This time it's for …