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Radio Silence

Sorry for the lengthy absence! A few weeks ago lightning decided to strike our ginormous pine tree. Above is a picture of part of the gaping wound. It goes all the way up to the tippy top of the tree. Now the thing is literally bleeding sap. Poor baby. We hope it survives. Our neighbor across the street called a scientist friend and he thought it should make it. The surge fried our computer (which we just bought in January), the washing machine, heater/AC, and our Treager grill (it plugs in). All of my sewing machines and my husband's guitar amps made it. We were very lucky in end. That stuff is all just stuff and it could have been a lot worse.

I enjoyed the last few "un-plugged" weeks, believe it or not. I didn't even sew one stitch! I'm testing another pattern for Patterns by Figgy's and am waaay behind. I really need to get busy. I got it cut out last night and then the power went out due to some heavy wind. Sheesh.

I've been kickin' butt at the…

The Beginning of My Selfish Seamstress-ness

Yes, I made something for me again! This is my TNT Simplicity 3835 (view C): the Built by Wendy pattern that everybody made and loved a few years ago. This is the 4th time I've made this up and I love it still. It's fast, easy and fits! I wanted to make something yesterday and found myself somewhat paralized by my new freedom. What was I going to sew?! I'm pooped out on bras, panties, and other lingerie and I really need some tops for Summer. I was digging through my plethora of patterns and came across this one and it's about as close to instant gratification sewing as you can get. I found some coral seersucker in my stash and away we went. It's so nice and light and perfect for the warm weather we've been having. I did make adjustments to the pattern the last time I made this in the way of FBA and increasing sleeve width. The first two time I made it straight and added width to the center front and back seam. I like the FBA better though because it gives a b…

Breaking of the Pattern Fast

Well, I did it. I broke my self imposed fast of all things sewing related. I couldn't help it. I've been wanting to try this pattern for my boy and with some of the money I got for that very last custom garment I bought it, dang it! It's the Beach Bum Hoodie and Board Shorts from Patterns by Figgy's. I've got it laid out and I'll get it traced today or tomorrow. I have a few appointments this week so I hope I can get it done soon. My daughter is calling it "Teeth Week" since she has a dentist appt. today, me tomorrow, and then her Orthodontist on Thursday. Goodness! I want to get busy on that Butterick pattern mentioned in my last post too.
I also want to thank everyone who left comments about my McCall's blouse! You all are awesome!

Fresh Cream Bra For Kim

I finished a bra up for my friend last week and wanted to share it! Following are some super crappy pictures but still...
I used Danglez DB3 and ended up having to take little tucks in the top cup like I did for my pink bra. I really thought it was going to work for her since she's bigger than me. Oh well!
The tucks don't show here 'cause I took this picture before she tried it on. I sewed the tucks and then gave it to her before I could photograph it again. Sorry! I'm lame!
It's not the best sewing job ever and for some reason my machine decided to dick around with me for awhile. I kept having to rip out the zigzag stitches because they were seriously messed up on the bottom/bobbin side. I mean like totally wacked up! I think some little fingers had been messing with the tension or something. I fixed it though (I think). The fit turned out pretty good. The bottom cups fit her well but we couldn't get the wires to sit against her breast bone. I didn't see h…


Good Morning party people!

No, I'm not really a party-er. We were all in bed by 9:30 last night. Whoohoo! We had a busy weekend though. I took my COMPASS test and we had two birthday parties. The big man attended one for our 6 year old neighbor Saturday. Conner and this boy seem to have a love/hate relationship. The Birthday Boy was apparently pushing Conner around/showing off all afternoon. Conner finally had enough and punched him in the face. Um. Yeah. He punched the Birthday Boy in the face. Said boy really can be a mean little jerk to Conner so we didn't really punish Mr. C too harshly. That may sound horrible but I bet he never pushes Conner around again. Or at least that is our hope. Call me a bad mom, it's okay... The other party was a surprise for my MIL's best friend on Sunday. She's turning 90!

My test went pretty good. It's divided up into three parts: Reading, Writing, and Math. I scored a 99 on both the Reading and Writing. The Math was not so go…

Somethings Gotta Give...

I'm back hitting the books again after a glorious, month long Winter break! I have three classes this semester and it looks like they're going to be a little tougher. Especially Human Anatomy. I'm already seeing that I'm going to have to let a few things go, or at least "lessen my presence". Unfortunately this blog is probably going to be one of them. If you haven't noticed, I have a little poll in the right hand column to see what kind of tutorials and posts about lingerie sewing you'd like to see. I still plan to honor that, but the posts may come far and few between. Not that I've had any rhyme or reason to my posting to date, but you get my meaning. I figure I'll know more as I get into the semester to see really how difficult my classes will be.

As for the poll, I see most of the votes are going towards bras. My fave! So, what do you want to know? Fitting techniques? How to construct a bra from beginning to end? Fabrics, patterns, and ot…

Sewing along

I finished up the danglez DB3 custom bra the other day and here it is on me:

It's really droopy because I didn't add any support or lining. It's just one layer of fabric all over. BUT, the fit is much better! The top cup is a bit large but I think it's due to the lace being a little too stretchy and the bottom cups need about 1/2" shaved off the bottom. I sent some pictures to Dini and she sent back a PDF with the alterations to make to the cups. Groovy! So, that'll be my next project. Also, in bra making news, I joined Sigrid's Lingerie Sew-Along. It should be fun and hopefully I'll learn some more. I'm hoping to get that dang tutorial done too. I've been trying to organize it in my head but I've never done a big tut so I hope I do it right and don't ramble on like I usually do!

I'm currently working on my Beignet skirt from Colette Patterns and I'm so excited about it! I got the pattern cut out and will try to get the fabric c…

New bra!

I got busy yestersay and finished up the Danglez bra from my custom drafted pattern.
I just need to shorten the straps a little and then it will be done. The cups are still a bit big but I think it'll be okay to wear. I'm sort of afraid to make anymore bras since I've started losing weight (3 lbs so far! wOOt!!!). I always lose boobage so I dunno what to do. Anyhoo, I think I will shave off a bit from the bottom cups next time and see how that works. The cups should fit into the band better too since I seem to have to stretch the band to fit the cup. I'm not really sure if that's the way it should be.

I recently found a new independant patternmaker! They are Colette Patterns. They are gorgeous! I purchased three so far and I'm thinking I need the other two!

These are the three I got. I'm thinking about making up the skirt first. From the people that have made up her patterns so far they are drafted tremendously well and the garments fit like a glove. Plus, …

Ottobre outfit finished!

I finished up the outfit for the little girl I've been babysitting. I've mentioned before that her daddy lost his job last year so they can't afford to buy her a lot of extras. She's growing like a weed as most little ones tend to do so I thought I'd make her a few things. I forgot how much I love making clothes for little kids! Especially little girl clothes....since my little girl doesn't want me making her clothes anymore. Well, except bras, panties and jammies. I was measuring her for undies recently and she asked why I needed her waist and hip measurement. I said, "It's for the panties. Why? Do you want me to make you something?!" She promptly replied, "NO!!". That "no" had an incredulous tone to it so I figure that I should just be happy making her undies. That ship done sailed, I guess. Anyhoo, on to the outfit. The top is Ottobre 1/2010 #2A or the "Kamomilla" T-shirt. Dress is also Ottobre from the 1/2009 is…

Lucky Number 13 and some Sewing...

Good Morning (or afternoon)! I just thought I'd do a quick post before all the kiddos wake up!
First of all, my baby girl celebrated her 13th birthday on Monday. I can hardly believe I'm the mother of a teenager now. I posted about it on facebook and got lots of comments in support of my impending doom. Above is the cake she picked out. She couldn't decide if she wanted me to make one or just buy one and then she say this lovely confection. It tasted okay but I seriously had trouble sleeping that night from all the sugar! Good grief! I wanted to post a cute picture of her blowing out the candles but she said to me, "NO posting that picture to the internet! I look weird!" Ah's starts.
We went to Wonderland Park in Amarillo, TX on Saturday to celebrate a little early. I have no pictures 'cause I forgot the camera. It was so nice though since our little man no longer needs a stroller. We didn't have to carry/push anything! It was amazing! My hu…

Feeling the Blahs

Well folks, I really have a lot of stuff to show you and some very cool news, but I feel like shit. I had to put my Mother-in-Law in the hospital on Friday. That was an all day affair, of course, and I've been up there with her most of the day, everyday. Hopefully we'll have her out tomorrow. I haven't got a damn thing done and now I'm really starting to feel like hell. I hope I'm not getting sick but it's going around. Grr, I just don't have time for that.
Conner and I did go get batteries the other day so my camera is up and running. I'll try to post pictures sometime this week of the things I've made. I already had a picture of my brown Schoolhouse Tunic (I forgot about that the other day) so I can share that with you now! Gratuitous dog shots included!

She Likes It...

and says it makes her feel like a girl and grown up. I think that's a good thing.

I have been sewing...really!

You know, I think I've used that title before! ;-) I even have proof! This is one of the new patterns being released for spring by Colette Patterns: It's the Violet Blouse. Here's the back, too:
I have to say, I really love this blouse. I was a little hesitant at first when Sarai sent over the line drawings. I was concerned about the collar looking too childish but it really doesn't. Honestly, it fits so well and goes with just about everything. I've worn it with jeans, skirts, and my white capris like I am here. It looks super under my jean jacket too. My husband even noticed it (he never notices my clothes, unless it's underwear) and said he really liked it and the vintage feel it has. Yes, MY husband said that! I used a cotton voile that I found at my local thrift store. I'm not sure if it's vintage but I love it just the same. For all my sewing sistas out there, I used the size 18 and made no alterations. I think I will just lower the bust dart a b…

Saying Goodbye...for now...

Well, everyone, the time has come for me to throw in the towel for a bit. I really had plans for the year with lots of info and tutorials, but it just hasn't worked out. I'm simply scatterbrained and have a hard time getting myself orgainized. School and family take presidence over all. I know I haven't posted for a very long time and the posts are few and far between but I do think about the blog a lot. Right now I just need one less thing to think about. Otherwise, I'm doing well, family is good and school is great! I'm on Facebook and will continue with that since I'm in contact with so many members of my family there. So if you want, hit me up.