Fresh Cream Bra For Kim

I finished a bra up for my friend last week and wanted to share it! Following are some super crappy pictures but still...
I used Danglez DB3 and ended up having to take little tucks in the top cup like I did for my pink bra. I really thought it was going to work for her since she's bigger than me. Oh well!
The tucks don't show here 'cause I took this picture before she tried it on. I sewed the tucks and then gave it to her before I could photograph it again. Sorry! I'm lame!

It's not the best sewing job ever and for some reason my machine decided to dick around with me for awhile. I kept having to rip out the zigzag stitches because they were seriously messed up on the bottom/bobbin side. I mean like totally wacked up! I think some little fingers had been messing with the tension or something. I fixed it though (I think). The fit turned out pretty good. The bottom cups fit her well but we couldn't get the wires to sit against her breast bone. I didn't see her in it after I took the tucks so maybe that helped some. She likes it so that's good!

Happy Friday!


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