Good Morning party people!

No, I'm not really a party-er. We were all in bed by 9:30 last night. Whoohoo! We had a busy weekend though. I took my COMPASS test and we had two birthday parties. The big man attended one for our 6 year old neighbor Saturday. Conner and this boy seem to have a love/hate relationship. The Birthday Boy was apparently pushing Conner around/showing off all afternoon. Conner finally had enough and punched him in the face. Um. Yeah. He punched the Birthday Boy in the face. Said boy really can be a mean little jerk to Conner so we didn't really punish Mr. C too harshly. That may sound horrible but I bet he never pushes Conner around again. Or at least that is our hope. Call me a bad mom, it's okay... The other party was a surprise for my MIL's best friend on Sunday. She's turning 90!

My test went pretty good. It's divided up into three parts: Reading, Writing, and Math. I scored a 99 on both the Reading and Writing. The Math was not so good... I got an 88 on the Pre-Algebra portion but a 25 on the College Algebra. Yikes! My adviser said I need to pass up to beginning Algebra to not have to take a math course. I'm really hoping that 88 will be good enough....

I have no pictures today. I haven't been sewing much. My mojo has gone kaput. I have a custom ordered nightgown to finish up before Mother's Day and then I will be done with sewing for others. Honestly, it's a relief! I think I'm going to start adopting some of the Selfish Seamstress' ideals. I'm going to sew for me and my family and that's about it. Screw everyone else! LOL!

Happy Monday!


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