Happy Holidays!

Hi guys! I'm popping in for a quick greeting! I just looked at my last post and I can't beleive it's bee a year and a half ago. Good grief!

I'm proud to announce I just finished up my first semester of nursing school! It is going so well and I'm really loving it. I took my final this morning so I'm officially on Winter Break. Whoohoo!

Now that I have a little time, I plan to do some sewing. you will not believe what happened the other day! Okay so, I haven't sat down at my sewing machine for weeks, right? Well, my husband was looking for something on my table and he picked up a box of thread and guess what was right next to his finger...? You'll never guess! A friggin' Black Widow spider!!! Yes, a Black Widow was squatting in my sewing supplies! *shudder* This really worries me though since I've only seen them outside. I hate that they have migrates INSIDE the house. Blech!

Anyhoo, I just wanted to say "Hi!" and let you know I'm alive! I hope you all have been doing well with no venemous spiders inhabiting your space!

Merry Christmas!


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