Patterns by Figgy's = AWESOME!

I finished up the Beach Bum Hoodie and Board shorts pattern that I was telling you all about. The one that I broke my fast with.
These are some of the worst imaginable pictures and they don't do the pieces any justice, AT ALL! My son was on the cranky side when I made him put these on and model for me. He was also hot and sweaty from playing outside. Plus, you have to see my extremely messy sewing area. You get the general idea though. All in all, I really like this pattern! The shorts are super easy to make! Just two pieces and an elastic waist.

I had some trouble with the neck facing on the hoodie so I emailed Shelly and she was so helpful! Seriously, this lady is awesome and couldn't be kinder! I was even able to finagle my way in to being a pattern tester for her! Boy, am I good or what?!
This t-shirt is the pattern I tested. It's called "Tee for Two" and it's for boys or girls. It's a raglan sleeve T that is sewn with the seams out so you have a cool raw edge around everything and this makes it perfect for kids who have sensitivity issues since there are no seam allowances inside to make skin itchy. Plus, it just looks pretty darn cool! I think the pattern is coming out this August so be sure to watch for it!

As for the fabrics used, I pulled everything from my stash! The plaid is a seersucker I purchased from a fabric coop last spring. The shirt is some jersey from the thrift store. It came packaged up in a kit to make a t-shirt which was kinda neat. It's soft and thin and perfect for a summer t-shirt! The hoodie is also thrift store fabric. It was a mystery to me until I posted the pic on Flickr. Kelly asked what the fiber was and Shelly came back and suggested shot cotton. In looking at other pics on the web I think that might indeed be what it is! It has a nice weight to it, similar to quitling cotton. But the texture is different with a cool crosshatch raised weave. I don't know how else to describe it! It's nice though and will be great this summer!

I have done some sewing for me too. I don't have any pictures at the moment but I made some sweats for workin' out and an Ottobre skirt. More on that to come!


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